Open your
wild side

Extraordinary experience

A jungle show

Whenever you step across the threshold of our terrace, you’ll feel as if you had been transported to the most secluded and unknown part of the Amazon rainforest.

You inhale, cool down, feel, and enjoy an extraordinary experience in Amazonia Savage.

A Mediterranean grill proposal, well-travelled and cosmopolitan, crammed with flavours and sensual vibes.


Mediterranean Grill


The unknown world

A jungle show for the eyes and palate. Grills, little india chicken, canary pork katsu with korean barbecue sauce, coleslaw, sesame seeds and lime are just some of the flavours you are likely to find. There are plenty of meat and fish to try as well.

You will experience the unknown world, with its impressive fun and music, in this cosmopolitan location in the heart of Playa de Las Américas, Tenerife South.